Nancy H. Baird Training Strategies, Inc.
5631 Bough Court Houston, Texas 77092
Telephone: 713-680-1727 Cell: 713-569-2469 Fax: 713-812-1727
Nancy Baird

About Nancy H. Baird

   Nancy H. Baird, M.Ed., president of 
TRAINING STRATEGIES, Inc., began her career as
a Harris County Juvenile Probation Officer in Houston,
Texas.  After 13 years as a juvenile probation officer,
she began her management consulting and training 
company in 1990.  Nancy,  a native Houstonian, attended 
the University of New Mexico and received her 
undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and a 
Master of Education in Educational Psychology from
the University of Houston.

  Nancy, a dynamic facilitator, has more than 20 years of
experience conducting training to more than 200 
companies, associations, and agencies.  Nancy specializes
in management training, keynote addresses, communication
skills, change management, technical writing, and 
strategic planning.  She is an expert in designing 
creative training programs that change the way people
think.  Her humor and energy invite participants to 
learn and work in a relaxed, positive atmosphere.  People
do not forget Nancy Baird and her unique training and 
facilitating abilities.